Summary of Experience

  • experienced expert witness to the Courts (over 200 cases)
  • accredited CEDR Mediator
  • consultant adviser to the British Insurance Brokers Association.
  • author of BIBA (6) guides to good practice.
  • experienced public speaker and facilitator / chair.
  • regular contributor to professional and industry journals.
  • author of “How to protect your reputation (1987)”

I am currently Principal Consultant and Executive Chairman of Flaxman Partners Ltd – Insurance Claims Advocates, London EC3. The company deals mainly in resolving complex, distressed and disputed insurance claims in most classes of general insurance.

I act in my own capacity as an expert to the courts, as do some of my colleagues in Flaxmans.

Summary Career History


My career in the insurance industry started in 1969 as a broker of fire and property insurance for brokers at Lloyd’s of London. In 1974, following a solid grounding in UK, European and North American property insurance I began to specialize in casualty, professional and corporate liability – placing and claims.

From 1978 I focused on professional and corporate liability (D&O).
By 1985 I was recognised as one of the leading specialists in that field of insurance. This led to my being engaged by professional bodies for specialist advice and services, beyond the arranging of insurance, into areas of risk management, mitigation and avoidance and claims resolution. (See below)

I continued as a specialist insurance broker and adviser until 1999 when I left insurance broking per se. I set up Flaxman Partners as an independent consultancy in matters of insurance trouble-shooting in response to client needs for expert insurance advice independently from the insurance broking sales process. This role involved me day to day in insurance market matters and people. I no longer traded as an insurance broker but rather practiced as a professional insurance consultant.

In 2009 the company veered towards managing distressed insurance claims in the wake of the financial crash of 2008. Flaxmans has became known as the # 1 insurance advocacy service in the UK. Its purpose is to resolve disputes without resort to litigation using the skills and resources of mediation, expert early evaluation and direct access counsel opinion where necessary.

I am familiar with most classes of general insurance.
I am particularly experienced in brokers’ duties and obligations to insured and insurer.

Flaxmans is highly respected by the insurance community and including the Chartered Insurance Institute from whom Flaxmans have received an award for its services.

Clients come from all walks of commerce, business and professional services, UK and overseas, and often derive from the recommendation of accountants, solicitors and insurance brokers.